tiny.re: simple links, simpler life.

tiny.re is a URL shortener. The aim of tiny.re is to allow people to share links simply, and be able to track their links without having to create an account or give any personal information.

Cool, so how does it work?

Simply put, tiny.re takes a long URL, and turns it into a short and easy-to-remember URL. We also do some other stuff, like tracking cool statistics about who clicks on your links!

And how can I see information about links before going to them?

tiny.re allows link destinations and statistics to be viewed in an incredibly easy way! All you have to do is add a plus (+) sign to the end of any link (ex: tiny.re/example+)

So, why's it useful?

URL shorteners (like tiny.re) are useful for loads of reasons, but here's a few:

Any other questions?

Drop us a line! hello@tiny.re.